🎥 Watch Now: Dickinson County CEO Class Business Video! 🎬

CEO Class Business isn't just about learning the ins and outs of business – it's an immersive experience that challenges students to think creatively, problem-solve, and collaborate as a team. Through this journey, they uncover invaluable lessons that extend far beyond the boardroom.

✨ Success breeds confidence: When our class business flourishes, so do our students. They realize their potential to conquer challenges they once deemed out of reach.

🌟 Capturing the Journey: We're thrilled to partner with the talented media students at Abilene High School to bring you a glimpse of our class business adventures. Dive into this year's highlights through the lens of Eden Bathurst, an exceptional AHS student and a proud CEO alumni!

Hit play and join us in celebrating this year's CEO Class Business!

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