This Wednesday, the Dickinson County CEO program traveled to Woodbine, where they got an up-close look at KVK Inc., a locally-owned and family-operated HVAC service in Central Kansas!

🏭 Behind the Scenes at KVK Inc.
Guided by Robin Volkman, Darrin Volkman, and Zack Krause, our students learned the story of KVK Inc. Founded in 1996, the company has evolved through ownership changes and expansions, serving an array of customer needs across residential and commercial projects, including new installations.

📈 Lessons in Business Diversification
Darrin and Zack led an insightful tour of the Woodbine facility, highlighting the strategic importance of diversifying business products and services. They shared how KVK Inc. has navigated market demands to cater to both residential and commercial sectors, illustrating the company's dynamic approach to business growth.

🤝 Valuable Insights from the Experts
From the significance of hiring and retaining excellent employees to the critical aspects of succession planning, Robin, Darrin, and Zack generously shared their wisdom. The engaging discussion provided our students with a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to sustain and grow a business in today’s competitive environment.

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