Dickinson County CEO Banker's Day is a unique opportunity for our students to showcase their individual business plans to banking professionals. To gear up for this event, students engaged in role-playing activities on Wednesday. They took turns presenting their businesses to peers, who played the role of inquisitive banking professionals, asking about business operations and financial projections.

As students honed their presentation skills, they compiled a list of Top 10 Tips for success. Some key advice includes:

(1) Know your business plan inside and out.
(2) Maintain a steady pace while speaking.
(3) Prepare questions in advance to foster a two-way conversation.
(4) Be mindful of your body language.
(5) Actively seek and embrace feedback.
(6) Be confident and show passion for your business.
And several more!

These insights reflect the incredible wisdom our students have gathered and are excellent pointers as they prepare to face the Banker's Day challenge.

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