Drew Hansen

About Me

My name is Drew Hansen, and I am a junior at Abilene High School. I am involved in football and baseball for our high school. I have joined the Dickinson County CEO program because I thought it would open up many opportunities for me and teach me life skills the normal ‘school’ student doesn’t always get to experience. I look forward to getting to know our community and building my network. My biggest goals for my future are to play college baseball and work in the real estate industry.

About My Business

I have always had a love for sports and helping people. That is when the “State of Mind” came along. State of Mind will help athletes become better individuals on and off the field. State of Mind will offer high-quality shorts with quotes to remind you to push yourself. In my experience playing sports, dealing with failure has been one of my strengths. I love driving people to improve themselves, so having my product will always remind you to keep going. I would love you to try my clothing next time you feel defeated.






DISC Characteristics

  • Competitive
  • Sociable
  • Steady
  • Orderly