Aiden Souza

About Me

Aiden Souza is a senior at Herington High School. He is the school mascot and has participated in basketball, track, forensics, theatre, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Scholars Bowl, Rail Cafe, and cheerleading. After high school, Aiden has plans to attend college and pursue a double major in business / entrepreneurship and theatre. 

Aiden's connection with the CEO program began when he assisted a member of the previous year's class with their final project. This experience sparked his interest, providing an opportunity to learn new things and expand his knowledge base. Recognizing the lasting impact of the CEO program, Aiden anticipates building relationships with individuals who will shape his life for years to come. He is eagerly looking forward to the opportunities and experiences the program will offer this year.

About My Business

NovaTech was founded to bring quality computers to my area, and at a competitive price. We believe that most prebuilt computers focus too much on putting one expensive component into a computer, and keeping the rest low. Our goal is to make computers that are built to be well rounded, fast, with room for upgrades in the future. 

When we look to build a computer, we look at the stats. Comparing and making systems that are 150% faster than the leading prebuilt brand, at the same prices.

If you want to get one of our computers, go to






DISC Characteristics

  • Competitive
  • Sociable
  • Consistent
  • Rebellious